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You’re looking for couples counseling because you want your relationship to change. Your relationship isn’t in the place you want it to be. You’ve tried to make changes, but the changes either never happen or don’t seem to last for long. Still, you’re wondering if there’s a way to make things better.

You’re tired of feeling unhappy and unfulfilled. You want to be heard but find yourself holding your words and saying nothing, or yelling and arguing. Neither of these are the options you want. You’re tired of feeling emotionally distant and disconnected. You want a happier life, but don’t know what to do.

Some things may seem difficult to move beyond. You may be wondering if you can forgive, or be forgiven, and rebuild your relationship. Repair and recommitment can take work, but it is absolutely possible to once again find happiness and fulfillment in your relationship.

Our sessions together can help you learn how to communicate, truly listen, and feel heard and understood.  You’ll develop ways to express your needs and emotions, letting go of the expectation that your partner should somehow be able to read your mind.  Together, we’ll work to navigate the ups and downs, learn how to talk to one another and listen with kindness, find ways to compromise, rebuild your relationship, and remember why you first became a couple.

Couples counseling won’t just look at what’s wrong in your relationship. Together, we’ll look at your strengths, at the things you’re doing right and do well together. Something drew you to each another. Something made you fall in love and choose one another. Counseling can help you find the tools to make the positive changes you are seeking, reclaiming the happiness you once shared.

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