Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART)

One of the modalities in which I’m trained is Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART). ART is a manualized therapy with specific procedural steps, techniques, and protocols that clinicians follow to address various problems and symptoms. 

Using a technique called Voluntary Memory/Image Replacement, you can replace difficult, upsetting images with pleasant, soothing images, changing the reaction you have when these memories are brought up. This image recall is what triggers strong emotional and/or physical reactions. You’ll still have knowledge of the event and/or thoughts, but they will no longer trigger the unpleasant reactions.

Though I guide the process, you are always in control of the ART session.  You don’t even have to talk about the trauma or other difficult thought or event. Seriously. If it’s too upsetting to discuss, ART can work without you ever sharing details with me.

Sounds weird and hokey? Initially, I thought the same, but it works.

ART typically works within 1 to 5 sessions. Imagine finally finding relief from the painful thoughts, memories, and images, being able to feel yourself again and function the way you want.

I don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, and Accelerated Resolution Therapy isn’t for everyone. Together, we’ll decide if ART is right for you or if another type of therapy would better suit you. I look forward to meeting you and partnering with you to find the relief you’re looking for so that life feels enjoyable again.

ART incorporates a combination of techniques used in many other traditional psychotherapies.  ART works directly to reprogram the ways in which distressing memories and images are stored in the brain so that they no longer trigger strong physical and emotional reactions. ART accomplishes this through the use of rapid eye movements similar to eye movements that occur during the dream stage of sleep.

Some people avoid addressing past traumatic events because talking about it is too painful. What’s unique about ART is that you don’t have to verbally share any of the distressing images or memories if you prefer not to.  That means you can have an ART session without having to go into any verbal explanation or detail if that’s what you choose. Keep in mind that you won’t lose the memory of what happened; ART’s goal is to eliminate or reduce the physical and/or emotional reactions to those memories.

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